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The Coping with Divorce seminar is a speaker series and peer support group designed to help meet the needs of those individuals who are divorced or anticipating divorce, widowed, or experiencing the separation of a long-term relationship. Informative sessions on topics of utmost importance to the separated, divorced or widowed person are presented by helping professionals from different community areas. After each presentation, the participants move into small groups with experienced facilitators for further sharing and support. Hundreds have attended and graduated from Coping with Divorce, but each seminar is designed to meet the individual needs of participants. The next Coping Seminar begins  
March 16th, 2017
. The seminar is held on Thursday evenings from 6:30 - 9:00 p.m. at Prince of Peace Church located at 1747 West Milham, in Portage. The registration fee is $130.00 (early bird registration is $100, and alumni $80) and includes all materials and refreshments. Limited scholarships are available. The seminar is limited to 60 persons. For more information, call the seminar educational leader:

Laurie LeClear

Sessions include

#1 Facing Reality

"Is this really happening to me?” This session will be a discussion of the emotional states you may be experiencing.

  Mark Kraai, MDiv, D.Min

#2  Coping with Loneliness
A staggering 78% of us will suffer from feeling lonely at some point during our lives. This session will focus on some practical ways of making more meaningful connections and explore both emotional and social loneliness.

Kelly Leversee, MA Communications

#3  Legal and Financial Questions and Answers 
This session will allow participants to gain insight into navigating the legal system during divorce, separation or loss.

JulieBradfield, JD

#4  Small group meeting at alternative site

This week, small groups choose an alternative meeting site; a member's home, a restaurant, etc., for sharing in a more personal setting. Bring whatever you would like to share with the group:, family pictures, a new hobby or project or a special interest.

#5.   Who Am I Now? A Self-Concept Check 

Our self-concept affects everything we do and relationship losses can shake our belief systems about who we are. Come explore how your self-concept is doing and receive tools for re-creating a happier, healthier you!

Laurie LeClear, MA; Director of Coping

#6  Principled Negotiation Skills

Learn how to communicate with your former spouse, attorney, friends and family. Emphasis will be on disarming an aggressive spouse.

Thomas Flemming, MA, LPC,private divorce mediator.

#7  Effectively Addressing Crises

This session will help you de-escalate crises through understanding, validation, active listening, negotiation, and compromise.

TimothyA. Kana an M.A., L.P.C., T.L.L.P

#8 Managing Family Relationships 

In this session, we will explore skills for managing your family relationships during difficult circumstances.

 Paula Kanaan, LMSW

#9 Anger and forgiveness

Anger and forgiveness will be examined as critical aspects of healing.

 Dr. Scott Baron

#10 Adjusting to Single Living

This session will focus on wrapping up any unresolved issues & provide information on where you go from here.

Laurie LeClear, MA, Director of Coping